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Auburn Journal Auburn Journal
03/1702 03/1702
"Enjoying the River" "Old Town Train"
Senior Magazine:  Senior Guide 2005 Senior Magazine:  Senior Guide 2006
Placer County Cover Photo Placer County Cover Photo
"American River & Mnt Quarries Bridge" "Iowa Hill Bridge"
Senior Magazine-North Central California    
Edition, Placer Photo of the Month  
April 2005-August 2006  


Photographer's Forum:  Best of

Photographer's Forum:  Best of
Photography Annual 2004, Page 178 Photography Annual 2005, Page 178
"Sheep Ranch View" "Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse"

Photographer's Forum:  Best of

Sierra Dreams Press, Auburn's
Photography Annual 2006, Page 113 Creative People: 2007, Page 40
"Winter in Black Rock Desert" "Winter in Black Rock Desert"
Sierra Dreams Press, Auburn's Photographer's Forum:  Best of  
Creative People: 2008, Page 49 Photography Annual 2009, Page 169
"Mono Lake, South Tufa, Mtns" "San Francisco at Night, #1"

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